Hungry No More | Time to beat the Food Crisis

24 July, 2020 by United Way India

The COVID-19 has brought a serious shortage of essentials across the country. In the aftermath of the lockdown, the weaker sections of our society are clueless about how to get food for their families. The Global Hunger Index 2019 ranks India as suffering from a 'level of hunger that is serious.' And now in 2021, several million people, living in deprived urban and rural areas, lack access to adequate food, as well as information about the availability of community kitchens, which has led to food insecurity in India. Taking cognizance of this, to combat Hunger and provide food aid to …



26 June, 2020 by United Way India

As lockdowns in India begin to ease, resources need to be kept in care. For making a strong recovery, United Way India network continues to provide essential services to vulnerable people in the best possible way. As we have started the journey towards recovery mode, here is a message from our global leadership at United Way Worldwide- United Way is unparalleled in our power to convene partners, providers, and resources to address the needs of communities in crisis. This has never been more important than now. We have been responding to local needs and society’s most pressing problems for more than 130 years. COVID-19 is …


Enabling Delivery of Essential Health Services

27 May, 2020 by United Way India

Highlights: - United Way India network is currently serving over 50 hospitals and health facilities across the country. - We are ensuring a regular supply of PPE kits, medical equipment, masks, cleaning agents, gloves, etc The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the entire world, and India has borne the brunt of the same. Hospitals across the country encountered severe challenges; the most significant was testing and caring for patients with known or suspected COVID-19 and protecting staff members. To provide adequate support to the hospitals during this pandemic, United Way India network gear up to combat COVID-19 and started working with 50 hospitals across …