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As lockdowns in India begin to ease, resources need to be kept in care. For making a strong recovery, United Way India network continues to provide essential services to vulnerable people in the best possible way. As we have started the journey towards recovery mode, here is a message from our global leadership at United Way Worldwide-

United Way is unparalleled in our power to convene partners, providers, and resources to address the needs of communities in crisis. This has never been more important than now. We have been responding to local needs and society’s most pressing problems for more than 130 years. COVID-19 is a new challenge for us, but we’re up for it. United Way was built for this. 

And more from our local leaders…

Distributed food kits to migrant families in Baroda

We reached every nook and corner of the city to help those in need; underprivileged communities, civil construction workers, migrants, and hospitals of four districts. We also carried out in-depth exercise towards recovery mode as we continue to provide essential services to all the needy people in our community.”

– Dr. Binita Verdia, Deputy Director, United Way of Baroda.
Health & Hygiene kits distributed to hospitals in Bengaluru

“We intend to strengthen the Medical Support Systems in the state by working closely with the health department. This would be a physical refurbishment of the facilities and providing medical equipment/consumables.”

– Rajesh Krishnan, Executive Director, United Way Bengaluru.
Supplied drinking water to Sunderban in Kolkata

“We’re rebuilding hope and helping people to survive from two disasters, COVID-19 and Supercyclone- Amphan. Apart from providing immediate relief, United Way Kolkata is looking to rebuild their lives by supporting to rebuild their homes, provide hygiene items to keep them healthy and keep urging and guiding them to develop better hygienic practices, as well as explore means of alternate livelihood that can be taught and started easily with little support.”

– Dipanwita Das, Regional Director, United Way Kolkata.

“The United Way India network has been focused on providing immediate relief to the affected communities and will continue to do so in areas that are continuing to struggle with the rising cases. But at the same time, we are also refocusing on mid and longer-term recovery efforts across our core areas of education, health, and income stability. Getting communities back on their feet is going to be a priority”

– Shweta Singla, Director Resource Mobilization, United Way India
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