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A Skill Building & Financial Empowerment Project for Transgender Community

Garima, as the name suggests, aims to provide a dignified and respectable living for the transgender community. The project will enhance employability and support financial independence through skill building. The program addresses SDG 5, 8 and 10.


Lack of skills training opportunities for transgender persons is a major concern. Further, social prejudices and financial constraints make it difficult for them to access vocational training facilities. This has a multiplier effect on their standing in society, livelihood and employment potential as due to lack of basic skills and awareness, transgender (TG) persons are never able to avail of opportunities to be self-reliant and create micro enterprises in a profitable manner.

Rate of literacy among transgender communities is way below than the national gender average. Many lack appropriate professional skills to earn a living . There is an increasing risk of loss of employment as well due to stigma and prejudices.

Underprivileged transgender persons live in critical economic conditions because of poverty and unsustainable work. Unemployment is one of the major problems among the community, due to lack of right skills.


The aim of the program is skill development leading to employability and translating into sustainable livelihood options for transgender persons.

Transgenders are forced to work on a daily wage-basis for subsistence. They never get the opportunity to explore other opportunities beyond the existing one due to lack of appropriate education and support.

The programme would bridge this gap through direct promotion and training for vocational skills, career development and will reach the economically weaker section of the transgender community with appropriate mobilization and capacity building.

Computer literacy and vocational skills training program is one such opportunity; it is a capacity building strategy that empowers individuals to have adequate knowledge in the use of computer applications.

Garima will address United Way India’s long term goal of promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equity that leads the way for building equitable communities in India.

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