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Enabling Delivery of Essential Health Services

Enabling Delivery of Essential Health Services 150 150 United Way India


– United Way India network is currently serving over 50 hospitals and health facilities across the country.

– We are ensuring a regular supply of PPE kits, medical equipment, masks, cleaning agents, gloves, etc

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the entire world, and India has borne the brunt of the same. Hospitals across the country encountered severe challenges; the most significant was testing and caring for patients with known or suspected COVID-19 and protecting staff members. To provide adequate support to the hospitals during this pandemic, United Way India network gear up to combat COVID-19 and started working with 50 hospitals across the country.

In addition, the hospitals faced challenges in maintaining or expanding their capacities to treat COVID-19 patients and ensuring the adequacy of basic supplies. The critical shortages of ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and test kits in hospitals were not left unnoticed by the United Way India Network.

2,595 medical equipments provided to the hospitals.
Various other health facilities

It is of utmost importance that adequate measures are taken for ensuring the safety of health workers as they’re at the forefront. With the support of two medical professionals from our staff, United Way Mumbai conducted training sessions on safety measures in the hospitals of Mumbai and they have been encouraged to follow these practices for their safety.

Training sessions conducted for hospital staff

United Way India is working rigorously to improve access to medical care, ensure healthy lives, and promote well-being for everyone during this pandemic. Step ahead and support us to reach more number of hospitals. Donate now- https://uwindia.org/donate-covid-19/

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