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Urban Afforestation

Using the Miyawaki Plantation technique

India to go carbon neutral by 2070. India to reduce total projected carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes (BT) by 2030 – (commitment made at COP26, Glasgow). To restore resource depleted biodiversity, Miyawaki plantation technique is the most suitable self sustainable afforestation method. The most unique features which makes miyawaki forests stand out and become a go to choice is its 10 times faster growth, 30 times denser than traditional plantations, requires less space, 30 times better carbon dioxide absorption and 100% organic. These environmental miracle for dwindling biodiversity requires less maintenance and the vegetation layers support soil nutrition, greener surface cover and dust reduction ability and most importantly helps local wildlife and sequestration of carbon.
The plantation so far has contributed generously in altering deforestation and effects of climate change. With more than 10,000 saplings planted and taken care of, the local conditions have improved helping the communities as well. With rapid forest growth and the minimal maintenance required, Miyawaki technique is enhancing new environmental horizons.

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