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Feeding the Hungry!

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Millions of Indians who have been without work for weeks are facing hunger as the country battles the coronavirus outbreak. The most vulnerable are daily wage earners, contract workers, and migrant laborers who have been without work and earnings since the country was shut down on 25 March.  

Nearly half of India’s workforce of 467 million is self-employed, 36 percent are casual wage workers, while only 17 percent are regular wage workers. Two-thirds of them work without contracts and more than 90 percent lack any social security or health benefits in the workplace. 

During any crisis, the biggest problem they all face is the availability of food and rations. The coronavirus lockdown has made survival difficult for them. And then, United Way India Network step ahead to fight against COVID-19 and started working on the food interventions during this pandemic. With limited resources, the idea was to provide the most vulnerable with food.

United Way India envisions that no one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic and for this United Way India networks are working relentlessly from the past two months to provide food security during the crisis. We have reached 929,931 individuals, as we have provided food kits to 711,595 individuals and hot packed meals to 218,336 individuals so far. And the fight continues until we reach the unreached population of our country. 

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We need your support to keep delivering quality food services to the neediest population of our country. Together we can make a difference!

Show your support through your donation to United Way India National COVID Relief Fund-  https://uwindia.org/donate-covid-19/

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