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Fight Against COVID-19 with ACT Grants

Fight Against COVID-19 with ACT Grants 150 150 United Way India

United Way India has partnered with ACT Grants, an “INR 100CR grant created by India’s start-up community to give wings to ideas that could combat COVID-19 with immediate impact.” The 13 million USD fund, that was created by India’s startup community, works to fund projects contributing to the fight against COVID-19, enable grantee companies to develop effective solutions and scale, and develop & deploy solutions endorsed by and in partnership with state & district governments.

As of August 18th, ACT grants have enabled and supported 55 companies and deployed 8.5 million USD. Beginning in March with the first lockdown, ACT has worked in phases based on evolving challenges, beginning with the prevention of disease spread & augmenting capacity, and shifting to supporting recovery, and later to focusing on the reduction of life loss.

The ACT grants have created wide-spanning and integrated solutions to COVID-19, impacting 24 states and reaching over 100 million people to create awareness. Another notable impact of the ACT grants is that by June 2021, ACT grants is likely to be responsible for supporting 25% of all of India’s N95 mask production and distribution. Other efforts include delivering more than 2.5 million testing kits, providing PPE and ventilators, identifying 28 million high-risk individuals, and supporting telecommunications for mental health, among other programs and actions.

United Way Bengaluru has played a vital role in its partnership with ACT grants, in its help in managing the grants and distribution of capital. As described in an article published by Tech Crunch, “there’s even an international component for people outside of India to contribute. ACT Grants has partnered with United Way, a Virginia-based nonprofit that enables people outside of India to make charitable, tax-deductible donations.”

United Way and ACT grants continue to provide funding and are seeking out ideas that are efficient, scale ready, and will have an immediate impact. To learn about some of the projects granted, visit the ACT website page.

To learn more about United Way India’s COVID response efforts connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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