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Dr Priti G Adani is the Chairperson of the Adani Foundation, one of India’s largest and most well-known organisations in the non-profit social sector. The Adani Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of India’s Adani Group of companies.

A doctor by qualification and an educationist by passion, Dr Adani has been spearheading nationwide social development initiatives through the Adani Foundation since 1996. Choosing social work over a medical career, Dr Adani has led the Foundation from its beginnings as a rural initiative in Mundra, Gujarat, into one of the world’s most wide-reaching non-governmental non-profit organisations in community welfare.

Working with a team of nearly 400 development professionals, Dr Adani has focused on uplifting the less privileged and the underserved in the remotest villages of India through a variety of transformative programmes in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr Adani believes that, given the opportunity, every individual can learn and prosper – and that a woman is every family’s binding strength. This personal philosophy drives her to design, implement and sustain empowerment and livelihood programmes customised to meet the needs of rural communities in the hinterland, with an enhanced focus on improving the status of women.

Under Dr Adani’s guidance, the Foundation has made consistent progress in serving and strengthening four critically important social sectors: education, health, sustainable livelihood development and community infrastructure. Today, the Foundation serves nearly 4 million people annually across India’s 16 states.

In 2020, the Gujarat Law Society University conferred an honorary doctorate on Dr Priti G Adani for her contributions to ‘Education and Corporate Social Responsibility’.

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