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Satyam is a development sector professional with four years of experience in strategic program management, project coordination and proposal writing. He holds a bachelor’s in political science from Delhi University, a Master’s degree in Geography from Rajasthan University and has a PG Diploma in Development Management from Indian School of Development Management (ISDM).

Having worked in the livelihood domain, Satyam has hands-on experience in skilling and capability building interventions with a focus on creating gainful economic opportunities. He has also worked closely on developing economic resilience among vulnerable communities in various states across India with an aim to build-back-better post the pandemic.

Satyam is an ornithophile and an aspiring wildlife photographer. He loves going on nature trails and exploring hidden waterfalls in the Himalayas. He is also a sports fan and loves following football, Formula 1, tennis and cricket among other sports.

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