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Thank you Super Junior!

Thank you Super Junior! 150 150 United Way India

“We at Indian ELF(s) have been thinking of doing our bit to help fight COVID-19 so we collaborated with an international fan base and UNICEF South Africa to help United Way India in this pandemic. We decided to donate under Super Junior’s name because the group itself has been brand ambassadors for various goodwill and humanitarian issues. They also came forward to donate as a group and as individual members to help fight COVID-19, which really inspired us to donate for the front liners in our own country”.

Super Junior (SuJu) is one of the most respected groups of the second generation of K-pop. Ever since their debut in 2005, they have brought so much originality to the music industry as a whole. All in all, Super Junior has led 15 years of incredible achievements as they have won countless awards and achieved multiple records.

With millions of fans around the globe, it’s no surprise that they’re called the legendary boy group not because of the things they have achieved, but because of how they continuously present themselves as group’s inspiration. 

We are thankful to Super Juniors for stepping up in this difficult time and offering your generous support to United Way India. You have shared the gift of hope to so many people in need. Together, WE can make a change. And United Way India with your support will be at the forefront in re-thinking how we provide all people with the health, education, and economic opportunities they need and deserve.

United Way India is also thankful to the Super Junior’s fandom, which is called Everlasting Friends aka E.L.F. The Indian fan base started in 2010 to bring together all the group’s Indian fans, to fangirl/fanboy over their favourite group, and to represent the Indian part of the fandom.

We can together fight with this pandemic. Let’s stay #UnitedAgainstCOVID19.

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