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United Way India Network’s COVID-19 Response

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  • Break the chain – spread awareness and engage communities via social media to contain the spread of COVID 19
  • Support local hospitals and health workers
  • Provide food supplies, health and hygiene kits

The sudden outbreak of the Novel Corona Virus also known as COVID-19 has caused severe panic and social disruptions forcing Governments to impose complete lockdowns globally. The virus has affected 198 countries in a span of 3 months.  The World Health Organization has already termed the deadly COVID-19 virus as a “Global Pandemic”. India has also reported cases from almost every state and the government is trying to contain the spread of the disease through rigorous measures. As the 21-day nationwide shutdown comes into effect to break the chain of human to human transmission, charitable and non -governmental organisations (NGOs) have stepped up efforts to tackle the challenges posed by the unprecedented situation and the consequent socio-economic impact on the weaker sections of society.

United Way India with extensive cognizance and capacity in conciliating disasters across India since their inception has pledged to commit to the cause of stopping the spread of this virus through every possible measure in convergence with its 7 local networks across the country. In the immediate response phase, United Way India network is working in areas that are most vulnerable or at greatest risk. With the number of people affected by COVID-19 expected to rise in the upcoming days as predicted by The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and ICMR, hospitals, private health centres and isolation units are being equipped with adequate Personal Protective Equipment as it is imperative to protect those at the frontlines – the doctors, nurses, technicians and hospital staff.

United Way Mumbai Staff distributing protective gears in the Hospitals

United Way Mumbai has intervened to replete the diminishing numbers of protective gears by distributing Sanitizers, masks & gloves at KEM Hospital, Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital & Bhabha Hospital in Mumbai. The Mumbai Network of United Way India is also in the process of delivering shoe covers, disposable gown & gloves, mask, punk goggles and hand sanitizer dispensers to ensure the safety of the healthcare workers at all cost.

United Way India network is addressing the needs of the indigent communities consisting of labourers and daily wage workers etc who form the base of the social pyramid. This section of the society is deprived of numerous social welfare schemes and economic support and remains mostly affected during unprecedented disasters.

United Way Baroda staff in collaboration with Gujarat Police distributing hot pack meals to the indigent communities.

United Way Baroda in collaboration with Gujarat civic authorities and officials under police supervision have started distributing hot pack meals daily to the most vulnerable and socio-economically weaker sections from April 1 till the lockdown period, considering utmost safety and hygienic protocols laid down by international medical regulatory bodies during service delivery.  


United Way Hyderabad has initiated their relief work across different locations of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. Nutrition & sanitation kits distributed to 35 migrant workers families in Indira Nagar, Dinakar Nagar, Harijana basthi areas of Old Alwal area.

United Way Hyderabad staff distributing Nutrition and Sanitation kits to the migrant workers.

United Way Delhi NCR with support of their corporate partner, delivered the first batch of essential health supplies consisting of (Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand Wash, Phenyl, Euro Grade Masks, Non-Sterile Gloves and PPE Kits) at Municipal Corporation Gurugram for Government Hospitals in Gurugram. The on-ground team of United Way Delhi is working relentlessly to ensure supplies reach the Frontline Health Workers.

United Way Delhi team delivering PPE Kits and other essential supplies to the Municipal Corporation of Gururgram

As India moves into the later stages of the nationwide lockdown, large scale relief work for the reparation of resources among the front line healthcare workers as well as for the economically deprived communities needs to be undertaken. Goal-17 of Sustainable Development Goals accentuates on the importance of partnerships/convergence with various stakeholders to achieve all desired objectives which is the need of the hour in our country.

In order to support United Way India for reaching out to more economically deprived communities, please donate at uwindia.org/donate-covid-19/

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