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Clean-up, Green-up India Program

Clean-up, Green-up India Program


United Way India has been actively involved in waterbody and mangrove clean-up and is working closely with the government on spreading civic awareness. Clean-up, Green Up India strives to enhance cleanliness and waste management of water bodies and land across India and mitigate marine pollution and conserve the marine ecosystem. We engage volunteers from corporate partners to promote social responsibility.

United Way India strives to enhance the overall state of cleanliness and waste management of water bodies across India. This program involves systematic and regular clean-up and waste management efforts at water bodies such as beach, lake and ponds.
It extends to fostering community awareness through engagement activities and cultivating support and endorsement among stakeholders vested in these efforts. This program works with organizations to drive employee engagement and foster volunteering.

The Need

Most water bodies in India are popular sites for religious gatherings or tourists. High footfalls and lack of civic sense often result in littering at these places. This makes cleanliness at these water bodies a major challenge for local municipal authorities. While ongoing efforts are made by these authorities through provision of infrastructure and resources for cleaning, there is a clear need for citizen participation and support.

With every single second passing by, there is a rise in landfill and pollution in the marine environment. There is a burning need for advocacy on waste management, reduction in marine/ water and land pollution and creating a greater impact through people, places, and partnerships.

The Benefits

  • Sensitization of the need for waste management and reduction in marine/water and land pollution
  • Participation in clean-up drives focusing on stretches of water bodies, tourist spots, public spaces etc.
  • Awareness of processes for safe disposal of the waste collected

Our Intervention

United Way India engages with corporate partners to volunteer their time and effort towards clean-up activities to foster employee volunteering and giving towards creating social impact.

We design and facilitate the activity, seek permissions from governmental stakeholders, procure protective equipment, coordinate the logistics and communication including orientation, and management of volunteers, organize waste collection and disposal and ensure that the learnings and results are shared with the volunteers.

Projects till date
1. Beach Clean Up drives – Kovalam Beach, Chennai, Dadar Beach, Mumbai, Mahim Reti Bunder Beach, Mumbai
2. River Clean Up drives – Mula Mutha river, Pune
3. Lake Clean Up drives – Timmidkunta Lake, Hyderabad


Flora and fauna in and around the water bodies and communities surrounding the locations

Impact Till Date

  • 300+ volunteers engaged
  • 1500+ kgs of waste collected of which 600+ kgs waste was recyclable waste sent for repurposing *Across multiple projects

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