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No community can thrive and live healthy while the environment around is in a state of deterioration. Our programs for community welfare work together with environmental protection and reclamation. For example, the rejuvenation of water bodies provides a viable water source for local communities and improves ground-water levels. Promoting green-schools, protecting vulnerable ecosystems, and implementing tree-planting drives are all part of our work towards a sustainable future.
India ranked 168th out of 180 countries in 2020 Environmental Performance Index. State of India’s Environment Report 2021 claims that India continues to bear the brunt of extreme weather events. In 2018, 11 states recorded major extreme weather events that claimed 1,425 lives. As per the report, both the surface and groundwater in the country are under threat, with 86% of the water bodies critically polluted.
In order to combat the increase of weather hazards and reduce pollution, United Way India works on risk reduction programs and nature-based solutions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore our ecosystem.
United Way India through its Wo-Mangrove Mission has successfully planted 31,523 mangroves to safeguard coastal communities from extreme hydro-meteorological phenomenon and has built 90 percolation pits which resulted in 6-meter increase in the water table in the area, a decrease in rainwater waste, as well as securing water availability for the park and nearby residential areas.
UW India is also working towards increasing the green cover by Forest Enhancement programs and Urban Afforestation projects by adopting techniques like the technically-proven, Miyawaki Approach.

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