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Enabling Youth Success

Enabling Youth Success

An Overview

The project aims to empower socio-economically disadvantaged youth who have pursued professional education despite facing numerous challenges. The youth often lack relevant exposure, skills, and role models in their communities to help them navigate the complexities of corporate life and break the glass ceiling. Our initiative prepares them for leadership roles, thereby creating a larger talent pool for India Inc. and contributing to bridging the gender divide.

The Need

Youth are underrepresented in management positions, especially women from low-income communities. This issue is further compounded by the challenges faced by young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, who, despite attaining professional degrees, struggle to secure quality jobs.

Young individuals from socially disadvantaged communities often lack the relevant exposure, skills, and role models necessary to navigate the complexities of corporate life and break through the glass ceiling. 

With India’s G20 presidency and a focus on women-led development, United Way India, aims to empower women and youth and foster their independence by focusing on employability enhancement (skill development) and instilling an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Benefits

Representation of youth, esp. women,  in leadership roles creating role models for beneficiaries.

Development of soft skills such as:  

  • Personality development
  • Communication
  • Language proficiency
  • Corporate étiquettes

Enhancement of Technical skills

The Intervention

Skill-led livelihood creation is a crucial component of United Way India’s youth empowerment initiative.

The program assists young individuals in building job readiness and preparing them for leadership roles, thus expanding India’s talent pool and contributing to bridging the generational gap.

United Way India accomplishes its goals through a well-structured program that integrates a distinctive combination of development initiatives. This includes a 600-hour proprietary and scientifically researched curriculum that emphasizes personality development, communication, english proficiency, career readiness, corporate etiquette, technical skills, and cutting-edge technology.


Meritorious youth (esp. young female individuals) or engineering students from economically underprivileged backgrounds (with a family income of less than INR 5 lakhs per annum).

Impact Till Date

20 engineering students

To know more, write to us at info@uwindia.org

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