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Senior Citizens Program

Senior Citizens Program


Our program is dedicated to offering shelter, care, and support to destitute elderly individuals in a resource-constrained environment. This comprehensive initiative provides nutrition, healthcare, shelter, and counseling support to ensure the well-being of the elderly.

The Need

Based on Census 2011 data, it is projected that the elderly population will triple by 2050, reaching 319 million, a significant increase from 103 million in 2011.

Throughout their lives, individuals deserve to maintain their dignity and respect. However, there often comes a day when circumstances force them into a life of wandering and begging merely to survive.

According to a recent survey, the demand for old-age homes in India is expected to rise significantly. The National Sample Survey 2017 report indicates that there are currently 97,000 beds available in such facilities across the nation. However, in the next decade, it is projected that an additional 9 lakh beds will be required to meet the growing needs of the elderly population.

The Benefits

The senior citizens benefit with:

  1. An enhanced quality of life
  2. Increased social interaction
  3. Mental wellness & emotional support
  4. An improved physical well-being

Our Intervention

The program works towards providing palliative care, food, medical care, and homely environment to the elderly. 

  • The elderly often face critical conditions due to the scarcity of food and essential care and support. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure they lead dignified lives. Our program ensures that elderly individuals receive all their fundamental necessities, including food, shelter, and clothing. Additionally, they undergo regular monthly tests to monitor diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, contributing to their overall well-being.
  • Provide nutritious food, balanced diet and timely meals to the elderly beneficiaries.
  • Provision of curative primary and preventive requisite medical care.
  • Provide psychosocial support to the elderly through various activities and counseling.


Abandoned, destitute and homeless elderly (60 years+)

Impact Till Date

100 senior citizens supported

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