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Swasthya: A preventive and palliative care health program

Swasthya: A preventive and palliative care health program


Swasthya aims at providing palliative and preventive care by providing awareness, conducting periodic health and vaccination camps, distribution of kits and building capacities among beneficiaries.

Some of the areas of intervention include sensitizing communities on Menstrual Health Hygiene, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Diabetes and other infections and health education camps in schools and communities with special focus on women.

The Need

Income inequality is associated with poor health. Inequities exist in service utilization and financing for health care. Health care costs push high numbers of households into poverty in India. Growing socio-economic inequalities in India are disproportionately affecting health outcomes of marginalized groups due to the absence of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), as per India’s inequality report 2021. 

Thus, understanding community needs, focusing on education and awareness, and finding disruptive solutions in healthcare delivery is the way to address the requirement and United Way India works to achieve the same.

The Benefits

  • Promote access to quality healthcare and address the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Create awareness about the importance of maintaining good health and hygiene practices

Our Intervention

Primary healthcare services to marginalized population groups through health and vaccination camps, awareness programs, kits distribution and continuous healthcare support from medical and paramedical practitioners.


Children, Students, Adolescents, Women and specific disease populations (e.g. Diabetic, HIV/AIDS etc.) from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Impact Till Date

Since 2022, we have supported 4,577+ students including adolescent girls and women through the program

To know more, write to us at info@uwindia.org

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