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Empowering Equality: The Crucial Role of NGOs in Gender Advocacy

Empowering Equality
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Gender equality is a fundamental human right that is essential for the sustainable development and progress of any society. However, even in today’s modern world, this basic principle of equality between genders remains elusive. Discrimination, unequal opportunities, and societal norms continue to hinder the progress towards gender equality. This is where NGOs play a crucial role in promoting and advocating for gender equality.


NGOs, or Non-Governmental Organizations, are non-profit organizations that work towards promoting social development, human rights, and environmental conservation. These organizations have been at the forefront of advocating for gender equality and empowering marginalized communities. United Way India is one such NGO that has been playing a pivotal role in promoting gender equality and diversity.


United Way India is committed to creating an inclusive society where every individual has equal access to opportunities and resources, regardless of their gender or socio-economic background. The organization recognizes the inequitable outcomes faced by marginalized communities and strives to create a more equitable and just society.


Under all its thematic areas of work and programs, United Way India focuses on inculcating core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This includes not only its operations within the organization but also its execution in the communities it serves. By incorporating these values, United Way India aims to create a truly inclusive environment where everyone’s voices are heard and respected.


One of the significant steps taken by United Way India towards promoting gender equality is the incorporation of Gender, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (GEDI) under the program named “Garima”. 


About Garima, an initiative of United Way India

The Hindi word “Garima” refers to “dignity” or “respect.”

The objective of the program is the empowerment of Special Population groups including LGBTQIA+, People with Disabilities, People living with HIV/AIDS to lead a dignified life and thereby promoting Gender Diversity and Inclusion


Garima, as the name suggests, aims to provide a dignified and respectable living for people from the transgender community, differently-abled persons, and people living with HIV AIDS. The project will enhance employability and support financial independence through skill-building amongst the cohorts. Garima will address United Way India’s long-term goal of promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity which leads the way for building equitable communities in India.


The organization denounces discrimination, racism, intolerance, and exclusion in all its forms. It firmly believes that all individuals, regardless of their gender, have the right to live a life free from discrimination and oppression. United Way India works towards creating a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals to live, work, and thrive in. Last year, through various interventions under the Garima program, United Way India impacted more than 4,500 lives.


Additionally, United Way India is working towards co-creating a model with GEDI values as it advances its mission to promote livelihood potential and opportunities for a sustainable future. It believes that by incorporating these values, it can create a more inclusive and just society, where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.


In conclusion, NGOs like United Way India play a crucial role in promoting gender equality and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. Their efforts towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society are commendable and deserve recognition. It is only through the joint efforts of NGOs, governments, and individuals that we can work towards achieving true gender equality. Let us all come together and empower equality for a brighter and more inclusive future.

To know more, write to United Way India at info@uwindia.org or visit www.uwindia.org

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