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Mr. Kapil Kumria is the Managing Director and CEO of one of the leading travel companies of India, Corporate Flyers Pvt. Ltd. with 20 years plus experience in Travel Industry.

He is personally involved in the important projects going on and symbolizes the biggest outbound tour operator in India doing the largest members logistics for incentives & conferences.

Mr. Kapil Kumria started this successful journey in 1983 with Diners Club, Mumbai. Headed Sales Department from 1983 till 1986 that gave a glimpse of his roaring career ahead. Stepping upwards, he joined Carlson in Sales & Marketing Department, the then IND Travel, through 1986 till 1989. Started using his exceptional skills of sales and marketing for himself and became a partner in one of the emerging organization rendering travel services to prominent corporate in India, Corporate Travel Pvt. Ltd. In the year 1997, he started Corporate Flyers Pvt. Ltd. with 100% ownership. His keen interest in charity and welfare motivated him to form an NGO, Khushii five years back. He is a founder member and treasurer with Khushii. Mr. Kapil is a founder member of the world biggest NGO, United Way Delhi, and actively involved in the community development programs.

Mr. Kumria earned his Bachelor’s degree in tourism from the University of Delhi and further on he went to Miami, US to pursue advanced course in Operations from Panam Airline Center following an advanced course in ticketing and operations from Lufthansa Airline’s German centre, Frankfurt, Germany. A keen Sportsman represented Delhi State in Basketball and later was an important part in college basketball team. He was a successful Captain of College Cricket Team as well.

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