United Way India combatting the wave that left behind a tale of Death, Disaster and Disease. - United Way India

United Way India combatting the wave that left behind a tale of Death, Disaster and Disease.

United Way India combatting the wave that left behind a tale of Death, Disaster and Disease. 612 427 United Way India

27 July, 2022

Flooding is a usual occurrence for Assam and its people due to the state’s vast river network which makes it vulnerable to natural disasters such as flooding and erosion. Each year, the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers with over 50 tributaries supplying them, cause flood devastation during the monsoon season.


The floods have been paying the state visits every year for quite a long time. So, when the Cachar district administration issued an alert about the water entering the town on the 19th of June, the people did prepare themselves but it was not enough since they did not see or could not imagine what was to indeed come the next morning and a few mornings after that – The roads, fields, markets and playgrounds disappeared almost without a trace, and in its place was a river that immediately broke the cord of normalcy by fiercely making its presence known all over the flood-ravaged state.


The lands of Assam this time were completely and overwhelmingly consumed by the rains and the river. And the water did not recede until it displaced and took many lives. Recent data submitted by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) reported that the current death toll due to the flash flood stands at 197 while the number of people still affected is 7,720. Furthermore, the floods continued to affect five revenue circles and 40 villages, destroying or damaging 200 hectares of cropland.


United Way India – a non-profit organisation has initiated the campaign to assist the stranded survivors in whichever they can. From clothing, dry ration kits, flood relief kits, to hygiene kits, medical help and food, the philanthropy firm sought to provide immediate relief to the people.


Now that the water has receded, it has left grief, damaged houses, schools, railway tracts and an increased risk of diseases behind. The lack of adequate drinking water, sanitation and hygiene is a major health concern in the state and the need for rehabilitation and restoration is urgent. The organization has arranged transitional shelters with tarpaulin mats and mosquito nets to protect the people from Mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria, Japanese encephalitis (JE), lymphatic filariasis and dengue.


The said diseases are major public health concerns in the north-eastern state of Assam. JE, for instance, is currently spreading fast across the state, with confirmed cases and a high case-fatality rate affecting all ages. On Tuesday, eight new cases of Japanese Encephalitis were reported in the northeastern state. According to Assam’s National Health Mission, the total number of cases in the state has risen to 274 this year (Times Now News*). The current scenario seems to deter equitable socioeconomic and industrial development, and therefore requires utmost attention.


United Way India appreciates support from the corporate partners who are stepping up to help people of Assam through generous donations. With more fundings coming our way, we aim to reconstruct schools, homes, buildings while also keeping our focus intact on promoting livelihood.


Your contribution will aid United Way India’s humanitarian assistance in uplifting the people of Assam from the calamity and ensuring the wellness of local communities and families.
Please donate generously and support our Assam relief and rehabilitation program now!

Donations of any amount are welcome. Write to us at info@uwindia.org for enquiries and how corporates can support the relief and rehabilitation efforts.

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