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Rebuilding Lives: United Way India’s Response to Assam’s Flood Crisis in Barpeta

School Reconstruction Program: Restoring Education, Rebuilding Hope
Rebuilding Lives: United Way India’s Response to Assam’s Flood Crisis in Barpeta 1024 683 United Way India

In 2022, the floods in Assam wreaked havoc in Barpeta, leaving behind a trail of destruction that affected not just lives but the very foundation of education and livelihoods. United Way India, driven by a commitment to rebuilding communities, undertook two crucial initiatives to address the immediate needs and ensure long-term resilience in the region.

School Reconstruction Program: Restoring Education, Rebuilding Hope

School Reconstruction Program: Restoring Education, Rebuilding Hope


The floods wreaked havoc on educational infrastructure in Barpeta, disrupting the learning environment for hundreds of school-going children. United Way India, in collaboration with its ground partner, undertook the reconstruction of the flood-affected Kharbali Lower Primary (LP) School in Barpeta, Assam. Recognizing the importance of education continuity, the reconstruction was carried out on a new and stable piece of land, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for the students.

The impact of this initiative is profound. The newly reconstructed Kharbali Lower Primary (LP) School now stands as a beacon of hope for the community, with a total student strength of 371 (161 boys and 210 girls). Beyond its educational role, the school premises serve as a shelter for households in nearby villages during future floods and rainwater inundation. The reconstruction effort included the construction of 5 classrooms, 1 staff room, 1 kitchen, boys’ and girls’ toilets with urinals, and a handwashing area, providing essential facilities for a conducive learning environment.

Aiding Recovery, Restoring Livelihoods

Aiding Recovery, Restoring Livelihoods


The impact of floods in Assam goes beyond the immediate devastation; it disrupts livelihoods, displaces families, and poses significant health risks to communities. In response to the dire situation, United Way India launched the Assam Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation project in Barpeta district. The project aimed to provide shelter, safe water access, hygiene awareness, and livelihood support to flood-affected families, focusing on rebuilding lives and restoring communities.

The impact of this project is far-reaching:

  • 40 households received support for shelter repair of flood-damaged houses, ensuring safe living conditions.
  • 268 sources of drinking water were disinfected, providing access to safe water for affected communities.
  • 10 hand pumps were repaired, ensuring continued access to clean water.
  • 614 beneficiaries participated in school-level Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) awareness sessions, promoting hygiene practices.
  • 230 small farmers were identified and supported with seeds and fencing, facilitating agricultural recovery.
  • 281 farmers received farm equipment, enabling them to resume agricultural activities and restore their livelihoods.

United Way India’s initiatives in Barpeta, Assam, underscore its commitment to rebuilding communities, restoring hope, and empowering individuals to overcome the challenges posed by natural disasters. Through strategic interventions and collaborative efforts, United Way India continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those affected by adversity, fostering resilience and sustainable recovery in the face of adversity. To know more, write to United Way India at or visit

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