Bridging the Climate Gap: United Way India's Call for Clear Climate Communication

Role of Impact Communication in Garnering Funding for Critical Social and Climate Challenges

Critical Social and Climate Challenges
Role of Impact Communication in Garnering Funding for Critical Social and Climate Challenges 1024 683 United Way India

Whether or not populations recognize this as “climate change,” it is true that they are experiencing extreme, unpredictable weather, higher temperatures, and altered rainfall patterns. This is demonstrated by data-rich climate change reports, which are easily accessible to all. However, it is still unclear how many people can understand these documents and whether they are getting to the people who are most at risk from climate change.

The lack of communication between scientists and communities can result in inaction or incorrect action in efforts to reduce and adapt to climate change. Hence, there is a requirement for regular, uncomplicated, and clear climate communication.

United Way India, a leading Non-Profit Organization in India, believes that no community can truly flourish if its surroundings are marred by degradation and decline.

Their extensive community welfare initiatives work hand in hand with their environmental protection and reclamation initiatives. The United Way  team has coordinated its efforts to support the restoration and protection of the planet’s precious resources because they recognize the necessity of a sustainable future.

  • India placed 180 out of 180 in the Environmental Performance Index for 2022. This serves as a sobering reminder that we must take immediate action to change our course and prevent environmental decline.
  • India has established ambitious goals through its nationally determined contribution (NDC) commitments, aware of its responsibilities. India has made a long-term commitment to reduce its GDP’s emissions intensity by 45% by 2030 and to reach net zero by 2050.
  • The launch of the “Lifestyle for Environment” (LiFE) mission under COP27 priorities in 2023 will help to bolster the nation’s position given that India is currently heading both the International Solar Alliance and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.
  • According to the Global Carbon Budget 2022 report, if emissions continue at their current rate, it will only take 9 years for atmospheric CO2 to cause a 1.5 °C rise in temperature.
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, “Climate Change 2022,” shows that approximately 3.6 billion people live in the world today in extremely vulnerable climates, particularly in the global south.

To strengthen citizen-led transitions and boost local participation in climate action, community engagement is essential. Public involvement is a part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. But this hasn’t been done in practice yet. A compelling campaign can raise awareness, pique interest, and encourage greater community participation and problem-solving.

Despite these difficulties, United Way India is unwavering in its resolve to inspire sustainable behavior, spur change, and pave the way for the peaceful coexistence of humans and nature. They are aware that real development needs to be rooted in the health of our societies and the environment.

Climate communication is urgently needed to demystify climate change and raise awareness in a language that is comprehensible, relatable, and actionable.

To learn more about the successful campaigns created for environmental sustainability, visit United Way India today!

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